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Frequently Asked Questions w/ Answers

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Are you a dialysis patient?

NephroNomads.comQ. Who pays for the dialysis?
If you have medical insurance that is already paying for your dialysis, then it should also pay for dialysis while you are traveling. But you must check with them to be sure. I have run into one man whose insurance would only pay when having dialysis at his home unit. I, myself, have Blue Cross, and found that I had a $35 co-pay due in Alaska. You just have to check to be sure what your particular insurance company will do.

Q. What if I'm in a Wheelchair?
Tell us exactly what your limitations are. We've found we have to ask if a bus can take a wheelchair with someone actually in it, rather than just folded up and set inside the bus. We are going to do the best we can to make sure you come along. Captain Mike in Juneau has already shown me how he can accommodate wheelchairs on one of his fishing boats. Bless Captain Mike.

Q. What if I sign up for a trip and then I'm too sick to go?
That is a possibility. You could feel great when you sign up and then have to be hospitalized for some reason and not be able to go. Because of that, I highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance. It will reimburse you for any non-refundable deposits plus it can also cover medical costs over and above your insurance. There are many policies available on the internet. Be sure to look for one that covers pre-existing conditions if you are a kidney patient.

Q. What will my travel companions do while I'm at dialysis?
I am trying to make sure that the hotels we are staying at are first rate with lots to do including great swimming and spa facilities and workout rooms. Also some meeting places where cards and games can be played. Whenever possible, we will locate the hotel within walking distance or a short cab ride to important tourist areas with suggestions on where to visit for those few hours.

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