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Hi. My name is Linda Lewis.

Hi. My name is Linda Lewis.I am a middle-aged woman with kidney disease who is on hemodialysis three days a week, three hours per day. Prior to my disease, my husband and I enjoyed traveling quite a bit.

At first, I was very unhappy that this disease was going to rob me of my freedom to travel where and when I wanted. Even though I had been told I could book dialysis almost anywhere I wanted to go, I quickly found that isn't always the case. And I also found out that there was no group travel planned for dialysis patients. Logistically, it is difficult for a dialysis center to cater to more than one or two visitors at a time.

My idea to found Nephro Nomads came to me when a chair mate of mine in San Luis Obispo California decided to go fishing for a week in Sitka, Alaska. There is no dialysis available there, but he went anyway against medical advice. He certainly didn't feel well or look good when he got home, but I wanted to investigate fishing in Alaska, because I had to cancel my first fishing trip there to begin hemodialysis. I found that there was good fishing in Juneau and also dialysis available there for the cruise ship passengers that come into port. We got back from Juneau a couple of weeks ago and am happy to report that the fishing was very good. My first fish was an 18 pound Coho salmon, about twice the average size. I could barely one-hand it for a photo, as you can see. We stopped in Seattle for a while before going to Juneau and I had dialysis in both places. Very clean, professional and pleasant.

After checking into fishing and dialysis for myself, I began checking on if I could take a group of people with me. After working with the higher-ups of Fresenius and DaVita, two of the largest hemodialysis companies in the United States, even they were surprised that they could accommodate a group with proper notice and planning. But because it is their Mission also to help provide the best quality of life possible for kidney patients, they found a way to make it happen for me. Thus, Nephro Nomads was born. Since then, I have been working hard to plan trips to many part of the United States that are extremely enjoyable and reasonably priced, and include your dialysis right in the itinerary.

It is my belief that we should "Choose Life" and travel as much as we can and enjoy what time we are given. Therefore, I am striving to make each Nephro Nomads Trip memorable. I hope you will join us. I look forward to meeting you.

Linda L. Lewis

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