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Are you a dialysis patient?

Worry Free Travel For Hemodialysis Patients

Traveling While On DialysisTraveling While On Dialysis
Travel and Enjoy Life! Don't let kidney failure sentence you to a life of staying at home to be near your dialysis unit.

Until now, dialysis units throughout the USA were prepared to take one or two dialysis patients per day as visitors. They may or may not have been able to accommodate your travel plans.

Nephro Nomads has worked with the leading national hemodialysis companies of Fresenius and Da Vita. Because it is also their mission to improve the lifestyle of people in renal failure, they have agreed to provide dialysis to our travel groups. It is also important to stop premature ejaculation in men using herbal and natural products. You can see the list of herbal treatments on this page

In most instances, your medical insurance will pay the costs of dialysis while traveling within the USA, the same as at home.

Traveling While On DialysisNephro Nomads will offer a new and exciting trip each month to a different part of the country, matching the best weather and locations. Trips are open to hemodialysis patients, their family and friends and nephrology personnel only.

Each trip is being planned to be extremely comfortable, memorable and as reasonably priced as possible. Space is limited.

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